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Roseberry Topping and bluebells

Roseberry Topping, near Great Ayton

Welcome to NYD Walks

The walks in North Yorkshire and County Durham on this website originally were published in the Darlington and Stockton Times from 2000 to 2018. All the walks are located within the circulation area of the newspaper.


I wrote a walking column for the newspaper every month, then later every fortnight. This means some of the walks may be a little out of date, particularly where urban development has taken place. Please excuse any difficulties this creates for your navigation.

Each walk is described for the four areas of County Durham, North York Moors, Howardian Hills or the Yorkshire Dales. The description includes turn-by-turn directions, a hand-drawn map and information on distance, expected time for an average walker, condition of the walk and difficulty.

The general map of walk locations on the Home page of the website includes the start locations of all walks. The map markers are coloured according to the area they are located in, and can be filtered by showing the search drop-down (the three horizontal lines at top left of the window), then clicking on/off the area you want to see. The map markers are sized by the length of the walk - the larger the marker, the longer it will take (in hours) to complete the walk.


The top search bar allows you to search for a walk at a distance around a location. Type the name of the place you want to find walks around, then choose the appropriate place from the list that appears. Then, click on the icon to the right of the search bar and choose the distance (radius) you'd like to search within.

In the second search bar you can search by the names included in the walk title. So, if you want a walk that goes through 'Hawes', type that into the second search bar.


You can quickly turn off all walks selected with the 'X' icon, or show them all with the circular arrow icon. You can re-zoom to the extent of the selected walk locations with the dashed line square icon. The final icon lists all the walks at the right of the screen. Each walk description can then be selected from the cross at the beginning of its entry in the list.

Click on a map marker, and you'll be presented with an Info box, which contains key information about the walk, including distance, time, the postcode of the nearest address to the walk start (for sat navs), and a link to Google Maps directions to the start location (the icon with a white right-turn arrow in a blue diamond). You can click on the zoom icon to go to a detailed map of the start location. Click the 'Click for description' link to get the walk's detailed write-up in a new window. 

David Swabey

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